MK350 spectrometer WIFI adapter & Analyze Software

Super Value for MK350 (N) User

If you have a MK350  spectrometer and want to enable WIFI function and have PC software to analyze your data, WING 3 in 1 Kit is good for MK350(N) update. The kit includes WIFI SD adaptor(8G), uSpectrum PC software, MK350 Bracket holder.  you can get extra function of your MK350 Super value!

Buy it now $360 (Note, if you buy MK350S, Kit is included) 

Spectrum Analyze software for PC/Laptop

uSpectrum PC software allows you real time control MK350 spectrometer using a Windows based PC/Laptop with a USB connection, you can collect and view data, do comparison, sort and analysis of data.

pc-multiple mk350 connection

Capture Real-Time Data

capture data 

Viewing and Analysing Raw Data

uSpectrum view data

Real-time light quality control (checker)


Comparing Data

comparing data

BIN Measurement and BIN Chart Customization

bin analyse and customize bin chart


Bracket is special design for MK350 spectrometer mounting to tripod, it makes easy to adjust direction of test and keep stablization with hand free.



WIFI SD card

MK350 WIFI SD Adaptor is compatible with MK350 series spectrometers,  it is plug and play device that can remote control MK350 (N) and MK350S spectrometers by Iphone/Ipad and android smart device, with WIFI function, you can real time reading data, record, and send data by email.



FeatureWiFi Adapter
Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n
Capture Remote Control Yes
Software Support iOS / Google Play
Memory Card 8GB
Device MK350N ( ※required FW above 1.3.5 )

APP at Apple store and google play (search uSpectrum)

wifi app bar



Update your MK350 by Wing Kit, you get WIFI function and super powerful software, value is over $1000 !

Buy Wing Kit Now




Q: I have a old MK350 spectrometer in my hand, can I use this WIFI adaptor in my device? 

A: Yes, but you have to update fireware to 1.3.5 or above

Q: Can I update fireware to 1.3.5 by myself?

A: If your device FW is 1.3.0 above, you can update FW by your own, please follow instruction of manual, if FW is below 1.3.0, please contact us for service.

Q: If I buy a MK350S spectrometer, Do I need buy this kit ?  

A: No, MK350S has WIFI feature and come with uSpectrum software and bracket, you do not need to buy it, this kit is special for MK350(N) update.


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