UPRTEK AI-MF250 Flicker Spectrometer

UPRTEK AI-MF250 flicker meter (spectrometer) is 2015 the latest portable, affordable model of  handheld LED spectrometer. MF250 flicker spectrometer  is  industry leading Flicker measurement instrument, it supports Flicker index, percent Flicker measurement, with LCD spectrum diagram display, it can test CCT, CRI, Lux, Lambda P and iTime, Plus, Flicker mode, FFT mode and light-wave mode. with compact design and affordable price, it is excellent tool for your LED light business.

mf250 label

Why need Flicker test?

Flicker is the constant fluctuation of light output from on to off, almost all AC-powered traditional light sources exhibit some degree of periodic modulation or flicker, the consequences of flicker can result in headaches, migraines, siezures, dizziness and unexpected bad quality of your photography or video. As a lighting designer, manufacturer, product developer, and end of user,  you need to control or minimize the flicker from your fixture. MF250 flicker spectrometer is speciallly designed for this purpose, not only flicker data, but CCT, CRI Lux and more. 

 mf250 operation mode

mf250 bascmode


mf250 FFTmode

mf250 lightwavemode

Specification of AI-MF250 Flicker Spectrometer

Measuring mode       Basic mode:    CCT, CRI, LUX, LambdaP, iTime
Spectrum mode:     Color spectrum diagram
Flicker mode:     Flicker percentage, Flicker index
FFT mode:

    Flicker frequency-domain diagram

Lightwave mode      Flicker time-domain diagram
Flicker Sampling rate     5K/S
Frequency range      5-2000Hz
Frequency resolution      5Hz
Accuracy      5%
Standard       IES/ASSIST/Energy star/VESA
Spectrum Spectral Bandwidth      15nm
Wavelength range      380-780nm
Integration time range      6-1000ms
Illuminance accuracy      5%
Display 2.8" TFT LCD, 240x320 Pixel, 262K color
Battery 4xAA battery
Dimension 180x65x30mm (HxWxD)
Packaging size 250x190x110mm, 10x7.5x4 in (HxWxD) 
Weight 220g without batteries
Packaging weight  1.2kg, 2.7lb
Operating Temp 0-35C
Storage Temp -10-40C

FAQ:  Can data be output to PC?

A: Yes,  MF250N has a MicroSD slot, the data can be saved to microSD card with Excel format, and read by PC or Mac with MS-Excel. 

How To save MF250N data?

A:  1. Confirm system firmware version is FW S/N 15.505P or higher, 2. Capture data in BASIC or SPECTRUM or "Hold" data in FLICKER mode, 3. Long press circle button key around 3 seconds to save data, 4. System will show "File Saving.." message when starting process, 5. After file save process completed, screen will show " file serial number: xxx" message. (File serial number is generated by MF250N from 000 to 255, once reach to 255, it will go back to 000.)

MF250N FW Update and data output instruction can be download Here.

MF250 flicker spectrometer packaging includes items below

mf250 included1

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