AI-MK350S Spectrometer

UPRTEK AI-MK350S is the advanced model of  MK350 (N) handheld LED spectrometer. MK350S includes all the features of MK350N and plus CRI bar chart, data/ graph retrieving, lux camera, spectrum comparison and more,  Plus, a Free super powerful spectrum software-uSpectrum included.

Uprtek MK350S-AIBC1

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AIBC uprtek MK350S-2

Measurement interface is customizable




   bin BIN Check

 Maximize value of CRI     Real time check BIN(Binary) of LED chips
 Ra(AVG of R1~R8)+ Each individual value of R1~-R15               Customized define for BIN range and sorting, criterion.
 By touching display, preferred value will present


AIBC-UPRTEK-MK350S-CRI          AIBC uprtek MK350S-bin

 Powerful tool for plant research

   Photosynthetically active radiation, often abbreviated PAR, designates the spectral range (wave band) of solar radiation from 400 to 700 nanometers that photosynthetic organisms are able to use in the process of photosynthesis. This spectral region corresponds more or less with the range of light visible to the human eye. Photons at shorter wavelengths tend to be so energetic that they can be damaging to cells and tissues, but are mostly filtered out by the ozone layer in the stratosphere. Photons at longer wavelengths do not carry enough energy to allow photosynthesis to take place.

PAR measurement is used in agriculture, forestry and oceanography. One of the requirements for productive farmland is adequate PAR, so PAR is used to evaluate agricultural investment potential. PAR sensors stationed at various levels of the forest canopy measure the pattern of PAR availability and utilization. Photosynthetic rate and related parameters can be measured non-destructively using a photosynthesis system, and these instruments measure PAR and sometimes control PAR at set intensities. PAR measurements are also used to calculate the euphotic depth in the ocean.

MK350S can test wide range Par values,  Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) from : PPF (400nm~700nm), PPF-R (600~699nm), PPF-G (500~599nm) PPF-B (400~499nm) PPF-UV (380~399nm), PPF-NIR (700~780nm) μmol* m-2* s-1 

ppf0 ppf1 ppf3

Point to Measure

Check environment or point light source via camera before actural capturing

Photo of environment could be recorded to help user to recall the location and condition.


browser Browser-Free Data Read

Real time read storage data from browser of MK350S device

No Need to check at computer, 

Stand-alone device is database readable by built in Browser



compare Compare-Easy to analyse two light sources

Compare 2 different measurement data at MK350S device

Real time to find out the difference between two sources

Meaningful for sales promotion by comparing "A" and "B"

AIBC uprtek MK350S-compare


lux-graphic LUX Image-Whole LUX Distribution

 User can get overall LUX distribution image by MK350S

               Before Capture                                                   After Capture
   Red color =maxium of LUX , Blue=minimum of LUX




Checker-Real Time monitoring lighting data for light product quality control

Select parameter at basic mode>>Define each parameters >>Setup parameter range


 log LOG-Automatically continuous capture recording


Device holder with camera tripod


PC Analysis software & customized software

Standard PC software for data analysis and customer report, provide uSectrum Lib DLL library for customized software.


Free App-MK350N and MK350S can be controlled by Iphone/Ipad & Android device



Comparison of MK350 and MK350S


• Enhanced screen resolution
• More than 30 light unit-of-measures to choose from
• Standalone LED meter – no other equipment necessary (e.g. PC, Smartphone etc.)
• Illumination distribution charts provide assistance in fixture design
• “BIN” ranking features allow for fast CIE 1931 inspection and confirmation of LED quality
• Visual aim ‘n click scope (on-screen viewport) - no more blind measurements
• Automatic continuous measurements with data-save to a SD card
• Easy, on-the-spot data comparison features – comparing 2 LEDs, or comparing against historical data
• Maximum and minimum acceptable ranges for validating LED quality
• “Built-in file browser allows users to instantly read data in saved files



Specification of MK350S


CMOS Linear Image Sensor

Spectral Bandwidth

Approximately 12 nmhalf bandwidth

Receptor Size

Ø 6.6 ± 0.1 mm

Measurement  Range

20 ~ 70000 LUX ( FAQ Q9)

Wavelength  Range

380 ~ 780 nm

Integration Time  Range

6 ~ 5000 ms

Capture Function

One time / Continuous

Integration Mode

Auto / Manual

Measuring Modes

1. Basic Value Mode

2. Spectrum Graph Mode

3. CIE 1931 Chromaticity  Diagram  Mode

4. CIE 1976 U.C.S Chromaticity  Diagram  Mode

5. Color Rendering Index Mode

6. Lux Image Distribution Mode
7. Measuremenr Log Mode
8. CCT BIN Chart Mode
9. Quality Control Checker Mode
10. Measurement Comparison Mode
11. Data Browser Mode

Measuring  Capabilities

1. Illuminance  / LUX/Foot Candle

2. Spectral Irradiance

3. C.I.E. Chromaticity Coordinates

    (1) CIE 1931 x,y Coordinates

    (2) CIE 1976 U.C.S u',v' Coordinates

4. Peak Wavelength/Dominant Wavelength

5. Correlated Color Temperature; CCT ( in Kelvins )

6. Color Rendering Index; Ra /R1-R15

7. △x,△y,△u',△v'

 8. duv, Purity
9. PPF(400nm~700nm)
10. BIN

Digital Resolution

16 bits

Dark Calibration


Stray Light

-25 dB max.
( Use the input of 550nm single-frequency and measurement the range of optical ± 40nm. )

Wavelength Data Increment

1 nm

Wavelength Reproducibility

± 1 nm
( Input source must be a stable light source. )

Illuminance Accuracy

Illuminant A @ 2856K at 20000 LUX

± 5%

Color Accuracy

± 0.0025 in CIE 1931 x,y

Color Repeatability

± 0.0005 in CIE 1931 x,y

CCT Accuracy

± 2%

CRI Accuracy @ Ra

± 1.5%


4.3" LCD 800X480 Touch Panel

Max. Files

 2000 Files @ 2GB SD Card

Battery Operation Time

 4 hours / Fully Charged


2500 mAh / Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Data Output Interface

SD Card SD2.0, SDHC / up to 32G/ USB 2.0

Data Format

Compatible with Microsoft  Office Excel / BMP Date Format


163 x 81 x 25.8 mm ( H x W x D ),  310x250x110 mm (package/unit)

Weight ( with Battery )

250 g ± 20 g

Operating Temperature Range

0 ~ 35 °C

Storage Temperature Range

-10 ~ 40 °C

Language Version

English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Japanese

Cosine Correction  MK350S cosine-en

MK350S package includes a Free PC spectrum software and others.

mk350S incld

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